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"Mediation" is the process by which parties to a dispute attempt, through a neutral third party (the Mediator), to reach an agreement on the contested issue. This is done outside of court but typically within the context of the judicial system. Mediation is a form of "alternative dispute resolution".

While mediation can be attempted in any type of conflict, it is particularly common in child custody and visitation situations. In fact, effective July 1, 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court made mediation mandatory in all contested custody cases, whether or not the parties are married to each other. The parties are not required to reach an agreement at the conclusion of the mediation process but an attempt must be made early on in the process. Further, in all joint custody agreements the parties are required to include a mediation provision in the Joint Parenting Agreement.

In 22 years of the practice of law, Mr. Corneille has handled hundreds of divorce and paternity cases, most of which involved varying levels of child custody and visitation issues. This background in the legal issues affecting parents in these types of matters, along with his leadership in numerous organizations where conflict resolution was a constant topic, makes him ideally suited to handle the mediation of your most difficult and challenging issues relating to your children.

Mr. Corneille also has a wide scope of experience in financial and property issues that confront individuals going through a divorce. Although, under current law, financial and property issues are not covered by the Supreme Court's mandate on mediation, the parties can choose to do so voluntarily. Any agreement entered into through mediation would still be subject to approval by the Court but countless hours, and thousands of dollars, can be saved if the preliminary agreement is reached through out-of-court mediation.

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